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Review – Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer *Not finished*

Mass Effect 3 offers a unique multiplayer experience that combines the single player story to how well you do in the multiplayer.

The Basic Idea

In the mass effect 3 multiplayer, you are set up in a map with 3 other members and the objective is to survive 11 waves of intense combat. Sounds simple enough right? Well the matches can get pretty insane, especially on the higher difficulties, but that’s not to say they are impossible. There are 3 difficulty settings, bronze, silver, and gold. On top of that you can choose from 3 different enemy classes to go up against, the Geth, Reapers, and Cerberus. Multiplayer matches are played on a variety of default maps and just recently added DLC(Downloadable Content) maps. The maps included with the game are:

Firebase Dagger

Firebase Glacier

Firebase White

Firebase Ghost

Firebase Giant

Firebase Reactor

And the maps that can be downloaded for free on Xbox live, Playstation Network, or on Origin are:

Firebase Condor (Resurgence DLC)

Firebase Hydra(Resurgence DLC)

Firebase  Jade (Rebellion DLC)

Firebase Goddess (Rebellion DLC)

Each of these maps offer there own different unique feel


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